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Survival Kit in a Can

Survival Kit in a Can

There are some things that every household should have in case of an emergency and one of those things is a survival kit in a can. These survival kits can include all the things you might need to have to survive a few days in case of bad weather or other natural disasters. You should keep in mind that your survival needs will be different depending on the time of year as well as how many people are in your home. The best thing is to have enough survival gear to last a person and a half for a day and a half at the least.

You can purchase a survival kit in a can online or from a local discount store if you have them nearby, but the best thing to do is purchase the stuff you need and put your own survival can together. In this way, you are getting the things you need rather than the things that are generically placed in all the other cans. Having the ability to customize the survival kit that you need is extremely important and should not be taken lightly by anyone.

So what kinds of things are you going to want to put in your survival kit in a can? Well, most cans aren’t all that big, so you will want to put things that will fit in them. It’s a good idea to have one in each room of your home, too. One of the first things that go in should be a flashlight. There are small ones that use LCD lights and will last years with cell batteries in them. Basic first aid needs should be placed in them as well. Things like bandages and Band-Aids along with some liquid iodine and small bottles of rubbing alcohol for sterilization and protection from infections should be included.

If you want larger survival kits in a can, then you will need to have larger cans. If you can manage to get larger containers, then you can put water and food in them as well as things like clothing and bedding. Now, these things won’t fit into a coffee can, but small non-perishable foods like MRE packs and C rations will fit into some larger coffee cans and can be used as food storage in case you need it. Water purification tablets are also a great thing to have in case of emergency, and they fit nicely in a can.

This is a great starter spot for ideas on what to and what not to include in your “survival kit in a can” – https://www.ready.gov/kit