Should a Christian be a Survivalist?

Should a Christian be a Survivalist?

With all the things happening around the world these days, there are many people that are wondering should a Christian be a survivalist? There seems to be some confusion as to what a survivalist is all about and whether or not a Christian would fit into this type of group dynamic. Survivalists are usually the ones that are preparing for the end of the world and Christians are usually the ones hoping the end of the world comes soon as it is the precursor to the second coming of Christ. Therefore, people wonder why Christians would want to be survivalists if their core belief is coming true.

So should a Christian be a survivalist? Well, the simple answer is that everyone should be a survivalist of some kind or another. This doesn?t mean that all Christians should buy property in Montana and live completely off the grid for the rest of their lives in case the world comes to an end. However, knowing a few tips and tricks about surviving is always a good thing. Being a survivalist will help anyone in case of an emergency or some kind of natural disaster. If you have the knowledge and skills, then you will survive any encounter.

Asking should a Christian be a survivalist shouldn?t be about their religious beliefs. There are plenty of Christians that believe no matter what happens they will be protected by their faith alone, but faith by itself isn?t going to help you and your family gather food and water in case of a major earthquake or even civil war. It doesn?t hurt to have faith in something bigger than yourself, but relying solely on faith to survive is a bit of a stretch for most people to even consider.

Most people that wonder should a Christian be a survivalist have set ideals about what Christians are and what they believe. These people feel that Christians would more than likely go through the Rapture and, therefore, wouldn?t actually need to worry about surviving anything since they would no longer be on Earth. Whether this actually happens or not, knowing how to survive will help you out greatly and it doesn?t matter what religion you practice. You never know when you might be out camping and find yourself becoming lost. In that scenario, having some survival skills will greatly increase your chance of making it out and being found by search and rescue teams.

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