Best Herbs to Have in a Survival Kit

Best Herbs to Have in a Survival Kit

A lot of people are curious about the best herbs to have in a survival kit. One of the main reasons to have herbs in your survival kit is that they are usually easier to get a hold of than some medications. They will take up much less space in your kit over some of the things that you purchase in a store as well. Herbs have been used throughout history for medicinal purposes, long before modern medicine intervened and big pharmacy companies pushed their wares on unsuspecting people just to make money.

Some of the best herbs to have in a survival kit are based on ancient herbal remedies and, as such, they may be a bit difficult to find in some places. One of the best herbs to have is called Yarrow. This is a wonderful plant that can be used to stop bleeding in open woods and helps with everything from nosebleeds to ear infections and asthma issues as well. Another great herb to have handy is Rosemary for its antibiotic aspects taken as a tea or even a wash for mild abrasions and open wounds.

White Sage is another of the best herbs to have in a survival kit. While it does have antiviral and antibiotic aspects, it is also great to use as a smudge to clear out troublesome insects. If you ever get lost in the woods around standing water, you will definitely see the benefits of having white sage in your survival kit. Spearmint is another great herb to have. If you have plenty of fresh leaves, then you can rub them on your skin and keep mosquitos and some types of biting flies away from you, which is always helpful if you are lost.

There are many more best herbs to have in a survival kit that you can find on the Internet. In fact, anyone that is serious about having a survival kit should have a rather large amount of survival herbs handy. You can grow most of these herbs yourself at your home so that you will always be able to replenish your stock when you need to. While some of the herbs you find online may not be grown in your area, you can find essential oils that can do some of the same things as the herbs themselves can do for you. These oils can also be ordered online.

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